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Lightweight foam profile impact protectors

Flexible foam barriers to protect edging against damage

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From: £17.45 ex. VAT ( £20.94 inc. VAT)

  • Lightweight yet durable, and resistant to extreme temperatures
  • Protects equipment and workers
  • Can be easily cut to length

Simple and affordable yet highly effective, these foam impact protectors can help you to highlight key hazards in a wide variety of environments. Made from extremely lightweight yet durable polyurethane foam and finished with eye-catching black and yellow hazard lines, the protectors can be installed in warehouses, factories, labs or any other work areas in which there is a risk that equipment could be bumped by moving vehicles.

The benefits of these impact protectors is twofold. Firstly, they can help to draw attention to machinery, pipework, racking, rails or anything else which may not easily be seen by those driving forklifts or other vehicles. Secondly, if anything is accidentally hit by a vehicle, the foam can absorb the impact to protect both the vehicle and impacted area against damage.

We offer a variety of lengths, shapes and styles of protector to suit a wide range of applications, and since the foam can be easily cut, you can simply trim down lengths of the protector to achieve a perfect fit. Installation of the protectors is easy too as they simply push onto the item in question with no need for any extra adhesives. Since the foam is recyclable, any off-cuts can be appropriately disposed of without detriment to the environment.

Despite being flexible and suitable for cutting, the foam protectors are very durable, resistant to UV, and capable of withstanding temperatures ranging between -40°C and +90°C. This makes them suitable for use in almost any industrial environment, including in refrigerated areas or beside pipework or machinery which reaches high temperatures. Their UV-resistance also means that they won't break down or become less efficient if exposed to sunlight on a regular basis.

Do note that these impact protectors are designed for edges and profiles, and may not be the most suitable solution for protecting larger pieces of equipment. In these cases, we would recommend installing full impact protection guards instead, which will allow you to build a durable barrier around entire pieces of machinery.

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