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Strong Polypropylene Adhesive Tapes

Highly adhesive tape to secure a range of materials

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From: £14.99 ex. VAT ( £17.99 inc. VAT)

  • Suitable for a range of packaging
  • Can withstand a range of weather conditions and temperatures
  • Single-use adhesive tape

Various items need to be packaged and secured in every work environment. Our polypropylene tapes can be used to secure the packaging around just about anything that needs to be contained, stored or shipped.

Our polypropylene tapes, also known as sticky tapes, parcel tapes or heavy duty adhesive tapes, come in rolls that can be easily unravelled and placed straight on to the surface that needs to be secured. The tapes are made of a high quality, high strength adhesive polypropylene plastic, which is designed to be completely weatherproof. The tapes are so strong that they will also withstand extreme temperatures – both cold and hot. They are completely resistant to shock, meaning they are extremely difficult to break.

Packaging is an imperative part of many warehouse and retail jobs, and finding the right taping solution is essential to ensure goods arrive at their delivery addresses in perfect condition. We also stock premium tape dispensers, which can be stocked with any tape for easy application on to a range of parcel shapes and sizes.

As our polypropylene tapes have a translucent finish, they are ideal for use on parcels and packages that already contain text on the surface of the package. As the tapes are so weatherproof and strong, they can protect any text underneath, so that you can ensure your packages do not have any problems getting to their intended addresses.

For packages that require a lower level of adhesive, and require a more opaque taping solution, our basic masking tape fits a range of packing requirements, and can be removed easily and without residue.

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