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Protective Knitted Polyco Touchstone™ Kevlar Gloves

Revolutionary protective clothing made from 100% knitted Kevlar material

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From: £5.00 ex. VAT ( £6.00 inc. VAT)

  • Increased protection against cuts, abrasion and slashes
  • Maintain dexterity for a wide variety of tasks
  • Unique Kevlar fabric enables hands to breathe, even during long periods of wear

Providing your staff with adequate personal protective clothing is a responsibility that all employers must consider as there are many tasks that can be damaging to hands if the right clothing is not worn. For many jobs, workers need appropriate safety gloves that can protect hands whilst not impacting on their dexterity and ability to carry out tasks. These Polyco Touchstone™ gloves are made from a specially developed material called Kevlar, which offers a high level of protection from heat, potential cuts and abrasion.

The gloves are knitted using 100% Kevlar material, which provides a seamless finish and a high degree of comfort and flexibility. The soft yet highly protective fabric was developed to help the wearer through long periods of usage, allowing air to get through the gloves so that the hands can breathe. This enables reduced hand fatigue so that the worker can carry on for longer. The Kevlar fabric is also extremely pleasant to the touch and will not cause irritation on the skin. These Kevlar aramid fibres also offer an increased resistance to heat, so are ideal for professionals such as metal welders and mechanics.

The safety gloves are designed for long-term use and are therefore highly durable. Although you should assess and replace your safety gloves regularly, these gloves will offer a highly respectable lifespan and can also be worn on either hand, saving time when putting them on. Available in lightweight, mediumweight and heavyweight designs, you can choose the pair of gloves ideally suited to your tasks and environment.

We stock a range of gloves for all sorts of purposes. For another multi-purpose solution, our general purpose safety gloves are another popular and effective option for offering a high degree of protection for hands carrying out a range of demanding tasks.

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