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25 pack of pole end safety protectors

Eye-catching red protectors to prevent injuries


£18.15 ex. VAT ( £21.78 inc. VAT)
  • Covers sharp ends on poles and other objects
  • One unit is a pack of 25
  • Red helps increase alertness to danger

Poles, tubes, stakes and other long, pointed items in the workplace can often have sharp ends that present a real hazard to those working around them. Stabbing-type injuries can easily occur because of the unprotected ends of these sharp objects, increasing the risk of work injuries. In addition to the risk from the sharp ends, poles are sometimes painted dark colours which are difficult to see and can carry a risk of tripping or being walked into, which is another source of injury. We stock an extensive range of first aid kits and cabinets to help you be prepared for injuries and ready to treat them on the spot, but prevention is always better than cure.

Our pole end safety protectors cover up the ends of poles, stakes, and other potential hazards, replacing the exposed sharp ends with a wider, rounded, soft surface. This prevents stabbing injuries from occurring and also provide a much easier grip, allowing the pole to be held for support if required. It is designed to fit poles with diameters between 8 and 20mm, allowing for the perfect fit on a wide range of pole sizes. With 25 supplied in a single pack, it's a cost-effective way to ensure you always have some on hand if new equipment needs one for it to be safe, or in the event a replacement is required.

The pole end protectors are a bright red colour, which helps increase visibility and signal a hazard. Red has a psychological link with danger, which helps us to be alert and aware of potential risks when we see it. Reduce the risk of injuries from table and desks, too, with our table and desk corner protectors, helping to make your workplace an all-round safer place to be.

Additional Information

Description Pole End Protectors - Pack of 25
Supplied in Pack of 25

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