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Pocket Anemometer with Temperature, Humidity and Light Measurements

Collect several types of data in one easy-to-use device


£239.00 ex. VAT ( £286.80 inc. VAT)
  • Set measurements to your preferred units
  • Display two measurements at once
  • Robust construction

An anemometer traditionally measures wind speed, and this model is no exception, doing so with a high level of accuracy. This particular device adds further instruments to the basic design, however, giving you readings for temperature, humidity and light intensity alongside the airflow measurement. This is a cost-effective and convenient way to measure all of these different environmental variables, needing just one unit rather than buying and carrying around several. If you only need to measure airflow speed, we also offer a simplermini vane anemometer.

Our multi-function pocket anemometer is easy to use, with minimal buttons on the body making it easier to understand and avoiding over-complication. The display is able to show two different measurement values at the same time, allowing, for example, air velocity and humidity to be shown side by side. This is useful when multiple measurements are needed, enabling quick comparison and collection of data without having to switch between different displays frequently. Different units of measurement can be set by the user, so air velocity can be set to m/s, fpm, mph, km/h or knots. This saves you time, as you won't need to convert information to your required units after taking measurements.

The small body of the device packs in a lot of power and functionality and its eye-catching yellow design means it's easy to keep track of it and prevent it from becoming misplaced. It comes complete with carrying strap to stop drops, and the ball vane is shock-resistant to protect it in the event of knocks. The unit is powered by batteries, so it is completely portable.

If you need to measure sound levels in addition to the data types our anemometer collects, you may be interested in our precision sound level meter.

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