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Ergonomic pneumatic lockout

Smart, compact and simple lockout that removes the need for a locking valve


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  • High quality durable polypropylene
  • No need to use a locking valve
  • Long-lasting and durable

Fluids and gases present a significant hazard in any working environment, and adequate measures must be taken to contain them and stop them becoming dangerous to staff. Our pneumatic lockout device stops the flow of fluids and gases through pipes, ensuring essential safety standards are met.

Our pneumatic lockouts, also known as pneumatic gas stoppers, pneumatic gate valves and pneumatic disconnects, can make meeting the challenge of preventing the flow of fluids and gases easy. If not properly contained, personal injury is a real risk from these substances, as they can flow through pipes with great force and speed. Our compact and versatile pneumatic lockout is simple to attach to the ends of pipes, and can accommodate two padlocks.

For instances where multiple lockouts are required, we also stock empty lockout stations, which can securely store a number of padlocks, and can be fastened to almost any surface.

The smooth edges of our pneumatic lock also ensure that the device is easy to transport, carry and hold and – once attached to a pipe – won’t erode or damage other items it comes into contact with. The devices are designed to be used independently, meaning there is no need to also install a locking valve. Our lockouts are made from the toughest polypropylene, a durable material built to weather all conditions.

Protecting staff against harmful gases and fluids in the workplace is of paramount importance. To help ensure staff take extra care where there are hazardous substances nearby, we stock easy peel vinyl hazard warning diamonds, which can be stuck next to where dangerous substances are kept.

Additional Information

Colour(s) Red
Material Polypropylene
Supplied in Single

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