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Plum Two-in-One Eyewash Station with Neutral and Saline Washes

Cover more different eventualities with your eyewash provisions


£65.95 ex. VAT ( £79.14 inc. VAT)
  • Neutral solution for neutralising dangerous pHs
  • Saline for gentle, general purpose rinsing
  • Convenient wall-mounted station

Eyewash is an essential first aid supply, particularly in areas where hazardous substances are handled. It's important to ensure it's stocked with supplies to help people clean their eyes effectively if substances come into contact with them so that further injury and damage can be minimised.

This station has two different types of eyewash, so you have the ability to cover more problems than with a single kind. The saline eyewash is suitable for general rinsing, for example, dust and debris in the eye. The neutral solution helps neutralise the pH of the eye, making it ideal for use if acidic or alkaline substances enter the eyes.

Conveniently wall-mountable, the station comes stocked and has a built-in mirror, useful for those who need to administer eyewash to themselves.

Used alongside a wide range of other first aid supplies, you'll be ready for any problems.

Additional Information

Brand Plum
Colour(s) Light Green
Description Combined Saline/Neutral Case
Kit Contains 1 case, 1 Neutral solution, 1 Saline solution
Material Polystyrene
Size 270 x 226 x 110 mm
Specifications / Characteristics 7 mins rinse time
Supplied in Single

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