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Plum Eye Wash Station with 2 Litres of Saline Eye Wash Solution

Wall-mounted eye wash station with mirror, pictogram and saline solution.


£55.99 ex. VAT ( £67.19 inc. VAT)

  • Includes two 1L bottles of sterile saline eye wash
  • Includes pictogram to instruct users of usage procedures
  • Provides a total rinse time of 20 minutes

This complete eye wash station is ideal for workplaces in which there is a high risk of the eyes becoming contaminated with hazardous materials. Included is two wall holders for 1L Plum Saline Eye Wash Solution, a removable pictogram to provide instruction to users, and a removable mirror to help users check their eyes. Two bottles of the eye wash solution is also included in the kit, and together they can provide a total rinsing time of 20 minutes.

The eye wash bottles have been carefully designed to make them easy to open with a single motion - simply twist the eye cup to start the flow of solution. The eye cups are ergonomically designed to hold the eye open, allowing for a steady flow of solution and thorough cleaning of the eye. The eye wash is comprised of 0.9% NaCl in sterile solution which is identical to the environment of the eye, ensuring a gentle rinse.

Additional Information

Brand Plum
Description 2 x 1 litre Saline Station
Fixing Wall
Size 265 mm
Specifications / Characteristics 20 min. of rinsing
Supplied in Single

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