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Plum pH Neutral 4.9% Sterile Phosphate Buffer Solution 1L Bottle

pH neutral solution suitable for cleaning wounds or eyes.


£26.25 ex. VAT ( £31.50 inc. VAT)

  • Correct extreme pH values
  • Easily opens with simple twist of the eye cup
  • Has watertight seal when stored head down

This pH neutral solution is designed to quickly neutralise extreme pH values and is therefore an excellent cleanser for eyes and wounds, particularly in workplaces where hazardous chemicals are handled. The bottle is completely watertight when stored on its head, and can quickly and easily be opened with a single twist of the eye cup, which is ideal for emergency situations. The eye cup is flexible and designed to hold the eye open to enable a constant, regular flow of liquid.

This 1L container is suitable for eye wash areas or large first aid kits - should you require a smaller alternative for travel or compact first aid kits, the Plum 200ml pH Neutral Solution Bottle may be more suitable.

Additional Information

Brand Plum
Description 1 Litre pH Neutral Solution - Showerhead
Specifications / Characteristics 10 min. rinse
Supplied in Single

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