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Ring for attention reception sign

A clear, quality sign for unattended counters and receptions


From: £3.99 ex. VAT
From: £3.63 ex. VAT ( £4.36 inc. VAT)
  • Let customers and visitors know someone is available
  • A quality sign enhances your professional image
  • Won't get tatty and dirty like paper or card

Sometimes leaving a reception desk or shop counter unattended can't be avoided, and if you provide a service bell, it's important to let your customers or visitors know that someone is available and can be called.

For many people, the front desk is the first point of contact with your business, so it's essential that the right image is presented to keep overall impressions positive. Handwritten signs lack the professionalism of printed ones, but even printed signs on paper or card become tatty and discoloured over time. One of our high-quality, long-lasting signs will look as good as new for a long time, keeping its bright, white appearance and sharp text so that people entering your business premises will be greeted by clean, clear signs in good condition. If you're using this sign alongside a bell in a reception area, a matching reception sign will let people know they're in the right place, and both signs will complement each other perfectly.

Whichever of the materials you choose for your sign, it will be durable and won't degrade as quickly as paper does. Opt for the vinyl, and its flexibility will allow it to be displayed on curved or round surfaces. This gives you the versatility of a paper sign in a material that has all the strength and reliability of a plastic one; perfect if you need to affix a sign to a pole or post, or perhaps to the front of a rounded desk.

An alternative use for this sign is displaying in a window next to a DDA doorbell, to help draw attention to it and make disabled visitors feel more welcome.

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