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Mesh walled platform trucks

Customisable, fully welded, heavy duty platform trucks, ideal in various environments.


From: £418.00 ex. VAT ( £501.60 inc. VAT)

  • Choose from a multitude of options
  • Up to 500kg load
  • Safe and reliable for use in warehouses, factories, stores and offices.

Here at Safetyshop we have a range of platform trucks which will fit your specific needs. Whether it is a simple flatbed platform truck, or a heavy duty box truck with four sturdy mesh sides, we have a configuration to match your requirement.

Getting your first platform truck is an exciting moment, when you realise that your warehouse or office post room has reached a size where you need something with real strength to move around your goods. It is the sign that the business is growing and you are doing well. For those who have bought many trucks and trolleys in their time, there is still a sense of pride in obtaining another new truck - maybe it is the memory of that first one or a similar joy in seeing their company grow.

Our trucks are professionally built with sturdy fully welded construction and are perfect in any environment, whether it is the hectic atmosphere of a factory floor or a more sedate daily journey through carpeted offices. The fixed ends and sides, where applicable, are made of solid 50mm square mesh with 960mm high straight handles at either end to ensure smooth travel without making the user strain in any way. Depending on the requirements, you can opt for 1.0m or 1.2m length and either a firm load or easy steer wheel formation. The easy steer version is good for up to 350kg, and the firm load truck is capable of handling a full and impressive 500kg of goods.

The customisable options allow for three or four mesh sides, including a one-half drop side version, and the platform trucks can have either one or two mesh ends. Whichever you choose, the trucks will provide a gliding transit on all flat surfaces and help ensure your goods move around your workplace safely and without incident.

At all times, please remember we are here and happy to help you in choosing the right truck for your business from our full range of platform trucks - do call or use the online chat to discuss your particular need with us.

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