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Easy-to-use plastic spray bottles

Fast, easy cleaning with plastic trigger spray bottles


£9.95 ex. VAT
£4.98 ex. VAT ( £5.98 inc. VAT)
  • Sturdy plastic bottle and spray trigger
  • Can hold water or cleaning agents
  • Screw lid for easy refilling

This plastic trigger spray bottle is designed to hold up to either 250ml or 500ml of water or cleaning product, depending on your choice of purchase. Using the spray trigger mechanism, the user can apply cleaning chemicals or water to any surface that requires cleaning. Many cleaning chemicals are harmful to skin, but the spray applicator means that contact with these chemicals can be avoided. The multi-functional spray bottle is perfect for almost any home or commercial environment. It is a vital piece of equipment in operating theatres and care homes, commercial kitchens and any other place at high risk of infection.

Cleaning is the most common application for plastic trigger spray bottles, but they can also be used in a huge amount of other situations. For example, you could use the spray bottle to apply pesticides and/or plant food, or to apply non-solvent lubricants during machine work. The spray mechanism attaches with a plastic screw lid. This can be easily undone for the purposes of refilling and cleaning the bottle. The translucent white plastic design allows you to see how much liquid remains left in the bottle.

Cleaning kits should always be kept somewhere close to first aid supplies in case they are needed. Biological fluids can pose a serious risk to others, so any accident scene must be cleaned up immediately after first aid has been administered. When cleaning up liquids that could be a biohazard risk, use absorbent granules to soak up the mess before disposing of the granules and spraying the area down with disinfectant.

Additional Information

Capacity 250ml
Colour(s) White
Kit Contains Empty
Locking Mechanism Plastic
Supplied in Single

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