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Strong Plastic Service Catering Trolleys

Sturdy and convenient mobile trolley for any catering environment

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From: £139.99 ex. VAT ( £167.99 inc. VAT)

  • Sturdy enough to hold and transport cooking and cleaning equipment
  • Food-safe plastic trays with alloy supports
  • Three tiers with easy-clean surfaces

When working in a busy catering environment in a care home, hospital or school, having the right equipment to hand can make all the difference to how functional and orderly your workplace is. It is imperative to get food out to patients, residents or school children on time as well as keep catering facilities clean and hygienic in order to meet national health and safety standards. These service trolleys are ideal catering aids as their three tiers provide a useful surface for transporting food and beverages, plates and cutlery or cleaning supplies.

The plastic trolleys are made from a simple-to-clean material so that they are easy to keep in top shape at all times; just simply wipe with a cloth and regular cleaning detergent for a high-standard shine. The catering trolleys are ideal for use with a range of compatible accessories sold here at Safetyshop, including this waste bin and this cutlery bin.

The service trolleys are built to provide you with years of reliable use; made from a highly durable plastic, the frames also come with swivel wheels and alloy supports for extra long-lasting use. The strong plastic trays in this trolley are also safe to put food on; the plastic will not react to food waste or other harmful substances and their colour will not fade over time. Depending on your needs, you can also choose to purchase our plastic catering trolleys in one of two sizes – standard and large. So whatever your workplace cleaning or catering needs, you can guarantee that this service trolley will be a sound investment and will keep your kitchen or catering facility functioning at its best at all times.

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