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Plastic Pedal Bins

Lightweight, sturdy and easy to empty indoor pedal bins.


From: £9.99 ex. VAT ( £11.99 inc. VAT)
  • Front pedal operation
  • Easy to empty
  • Made from durable white plastic

With a selection of indoor plastic pedal bins ranging in capacity from a small three litre to large 20 litre, Safetyshop has a size of pedal bins to suit every home and workplace.

We seldom give much thought to how often we use our bins on a daily basis, but because they are in constant use they need to be well-made, easy to keep clean and easy to empty. Made from durable, rigid plastic and with a sturdy front foot pedal, our indoor plastic pedal bins are hard-wearing enough to stand up to constant daily use.

As well as being lightweight and easy to wipe clean, these indoor plastic pedal bins include an inner bucket which makes them much easier to empty, which is handy when they are regularly filled. Whether they are being used for general household waste or being combined with biodegradable recycling bags for your recycling, our indoor pedal bins are the perfect choice for both the home and office.

The white plastic is not only smart and neutral, but is easy to wipe clean. Unlike open waste bins, the lid also helps to keep unpleasant odours to a minimum, especially when combined with our range of bin sanitation products such as bin deodorising tablets.

Because they are operated by a foot pedal, these bins are also a more hygienic choice than your standard push button or swing lid bins which require you to open them by hand. The conveniently positioned foot pedal is designed to be long-lasting and won’t wear out with frequent use, meaning your indoor plastic pedal bins will last you for many years to come.

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