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Stackable Plastic Pallet Boxes

Large, heavy duty plastic pallet boxes, ideal for heavy loads.


From: £314.00 ex. VAT ( £376.80 inc. VAT)
  • 500kg capacity
  • Heavy duty polyethylene plastic
  • Can be stacked up to five high

Constructed from heavy duty polyethylene plastic and moulded to create extra stability, these large capacity plastic pallet boxes from the Safetyshop are designed to hold heavy goods without becoming distorted under the weight.

With a 500kg capacity, these plastic pallet boxes are the ideal way to store and transport a variety of large, heavy objects and goods in an industrial setting. The high quality plastic they are made from means they are able to withstand even the most extreme temperatures, as well as making them weatherproof and therefore suited to both indoor and outdoor use.

You can choose between a solid or perforated lid, depending on the goods you wish to store, while there are versatile stacking and racking versions available to give you more options.

Ideal for warehouse use where space may be limited, the stackable model has four feet and can be stacked up to five high to save on space, its sturdy frame meaning there will be no buckling under the weight you place in it. The moulded shape gives added strength to the plastic pallet box’s frame, thereby making them capable of holding even the heaviest of goods. The racking model has been designed to include three pallet skids, offering greater stability.

Their shape and the ease with which they can be stacked means these heavy duty plastic pallet boxes can be transported by a fast action pallet truck or heavy duty pallet truck, ensuring you can get your goods to wherever they need to be stored quickly and easily.

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