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Stretchy And Soft Pink Fabric Plasters

Provide adequate protection for minor injuries such as cuts and scrapes


From: £6.25 ex. VAT
From: £3.13 ex. VAT ( £3.75 inc. VAT)

  • Stretchy material for extra comfort
  • Low allergy adhesive to ensure no irritation
  • Range of assorted plasters available to choose from

Whatever your working environment, make sure you provide your staff and visitors with adequate first aid supplies so that they can treat minor injuries and minimised their impact. We stock a range of cost-effective first aid supplies so that every organisation can afford to purchase basic first aid kits and medical supplies, including these handy fabric plasters. The pink plasters are ideal for treating a range of minor injuries that are common in the workplace, such as cuts, grazes and scrapes. They come in a choice of two packs; either select a pack of identical strip plasters, or select a pack full of assorted plasters. Our assorted plasters include those that are made specifically for the fingers, knuckles and other commonly injured areas of the body.

The everyday plasters provide a firm hold once stuck onto the skin, and use a low allergy adhesive to ensure that any irritation caused to the skin is minimal. The material is also suitably stretchy, enabling the user to inflict a pressure that is appropriate to the wound, and to ensure a comfortable and snug fit.

We stock a range of plasters for common first aid kits. These alternative washproof plasters can be worn for a longer period of time as they will stay in place even after bathing.

When treating a minor wound such as a cut or a scrape, it is essential to clean the area to clear it from bacteria that can spread diseases. Before applying your plasters to the skin, you can wipe the affected area with a sterile wipe. These sterile moist wipes are perfect for treating wounds and also have the additional benefit of being individually wrapped for utmost hygiene.

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