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Glow-in-the-dark escape route floor signs

High visibility escape guidance without electricity

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£47.35 ex. VAT ( £56.82 inc. VAT)
  • Three different designs available
  • Can hold a glow for over 15 hours
  • Easy to apply

In the event of an emergency that requires evacuation, it's sensible to be prepared for the possibility that the electricity won't be working. If that happens, it can be extremely dark inside, making it difficult to find the way to escape.

Providing escape routes clearly marked with photoluminescent floor signs will help anyone needing to exit the area to see right away which way they need to go. Used alongside our complete range of photoluminescent fire safety signs, you can create a whole signage system to mark out exits and aid escape in low light situations.

The floor signs are available in three different designs: a simple arrow, a man exiting left and a man exiting right, each one in the traditional green and white of fire escape signs, which aids easy recognition. Each one measures 400 x 400mm. The signs are able to hold a glow for over 15 hours, so they're certain to be clearly visible long after the last person has exited the area. They're easy to apply, so won't cause disruption or fuss while marking out your escape routes.

Preparing for all eventualities in an emergency is an important part of ensuring the security of all those who use your work premises, not to mention legal obligations for health and safety. Having proper signage that can be seen in difficult conditions is one of the most important factors to consider, in order to make sure everyone is able to leave quickly and easily.

When trying to evacuate a building in an emergency, people are not always as careful as they should be, which can lead to slips and falls. Applying some anti-slip surfacing tape around fire exits and other high traffic areas helps increase grip on slippery or irregularly contoured floors, increasing safety.

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