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Head to Toe Protection with PPE' Information Poster in Three Durable Materials

Complete information on protective equipment with reference to regulations

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From: £10.50 ex. VAT ( £12.60 inc. VAT)
  • Standard safety symbols included to help people recognise signs
  • Photographic illustration demonstrates types of equipment
  • Colourful, eye-catching design

In all kinds of working environments, personal protective equipment saves lives, and knowing which types to use and how to properly use them ensures maximum effectiveness. While providing training to staff and ensuring they have access to equipment is an important start in terms of keeping them safe, it's down to them to apply the information responsibly and make sure they're using equipment when they should. This poster is a great way to remind staff to take care of themselves when working in hazardous conditions.

The poster is available in three different durable materials, making it hard-wearing and long-lasting. It's ideal for displaying in places where staff congregate, like entrances, break rooms and canteens. It can also be useful in locker rooms as a final reminder as people get ready to start a shift. Using it alongside more formal training, which can be done using our 'One Life, One Chance' PPE DVD, keeps staff informed of regulations and requirements regarding protective clothing.

With its colourful design, the eye-catching poster is sure to be noticed wherever you display it. It has a photo included with the text so that people can see an example of different types of equipment and how they should be worn. The text is accompanied by the PPE symbols found on warning signs, and seeing them regularly on the poster helps ensure people can recognise them quickly elsewhere. These symbols are available as self-adhesive stickers which can be used to show people where the different items are stored.

The simple design of the poster helps people find whatever they need to know without hassle, and it includes a space where you can write in the contact information of a person with expertise in the area so that staff and visitors alike know who to talk to if they need clarification or advice. Display our 'All visitors must wear PPE' sign near the poster to remind everyone on your premises to protect themselves, as well as displaying individual signs in specific areas to show which particular protection needs to be used there.

Keep stocked up with all of the safety equipment you need for a safe workplace with our extensive range of PPE.

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Product Description Head to Toe Protection with PPE Poster (Photographic)

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