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Multi-Compartment Perforated Lockers

Coloured lockers with perforated door panels for easy content inspection


From: £132.00 ex. VAT ( £158.40 inc. VAT)
  • High quality durable metal lockers
  • Perforated door panels for inspection of contents
  • Attractive staff storage solution

Personal storage is an important consideration in any working environment, be it an office, a construction site, school or other workplace. Our perforated lockers provide an attractive and effective solution to a range of storage needs.

Our perforated lockers, also known as visible content lockers, content inspection lockers or holed lockers, are made from a top quality metal that protects against general wear and tear while also keeping belongings secure and safe from theft. Lockers are operated using keys and doors can be easily opened and closed, providing a simple and attractive storage solution for a variety of requirements.

The lockers are ideal for environments that need to heavily monitor the contents on their premises. Each locker door contains a number of small holes through which contents can be seen. The range of colours available also provides an appealing solution to lockable storage, brightening up any staff break area or school changing room. For instances where more privacy is required for users and their belongings, we sell lockers without perforations in the doors; our economy lockers adequately conceal and secure their contents.

As our perforated lockers have smooth and flat surfaces, they can be easily stored next to each other where multiple storage units are required. The smooth surface and slightly blunted corners and edges mean that they are less likely to cause accident or injury when passing. The metal frames are solid and secure, meaning that they can withstand a number of environments.

For smaller rooms, we also stock cube lockers, which can be stacked to fit into a range of difficult spaces.

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