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Stylish Peltor Solus Safety Spectacles

Safety-compliant spectacles that are stylish and comfortable to wear.


From: £6.26 ex. VAT ( £7.51 inc. VAT)
  • Two colour and lens options
  • Comfortable and stylish
  • Conforms to relevant safety standards

If your requirements for safety spectacles include finding a pair that offer protective features and good looks in equal measures, our stylish Peltor Solus safety spectacles hit the nail on the head. Unlike some other types of protective work glasses, these boast a contemporary, sleek and sophisticated design that will delight any wearer. Eye-pleasing aesthetics aside, these spectacles are more than equipped to keep your eyes safe and secure.

They come with an anti-scratch and anti-fog polycarbonate lens, and a choice of amber or clear (anti-scratch only) colours, to ensure clear vision during tasks. The spectacles also offer resistance against low energy impacts at extreme temperatures. For additional peace of mind, these stylish glasses also conform to relevant safety standard EN 166 1FT.

For general safety during work tasks, these glasses are ideal. Bear in mind, however, for specific tasks with more hazards you may need a different type of protective glasses. For example, for welding tasks, we can recommend our polycarbonate protective glasses for welding.

Made from robust, polycarbonate materials, our stylish Peltor Solus safety glasses have been designed with durability in mind. Yet it's not just the protective and long-lasting features of these glasses that makes them stand out from the crowd. They are also incredibly comfortable to wear. With a soft nose pad and duo moulded temples, these spectacles offer superior comfort and fit to the wearer.

To ensure these spectacles are safe and secure when not in use, they come supplied with a handy black microfibre pouch. As a bonus, this pouch doubles up as a highly effective cleaning wipe, so you always have something to hand to keep your spectacles free from dust or debris.

Eye protection is an important part of workplace health and safety, and as well as choosing the right type of eye wear, it's also vital that staff or visitors know when or where eye protection should be worn. You can ensure that this happens with our durable eye protection must be worn signs.

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Product Description Peltor Solus Spectacles

  • Stylish Peltor Solus Safety Spectacles
  • Stylish Peltor Solus Safety Spectacles
  • Stylish Peltor Solus Safety Spectacles
  • Stylish Peltor Solus Safety Spectacles
  • Stylish Peltor Solus Safety Spectacles

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