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Pedestrian Zebra Crossing Stencil in 3 Sizes

Quick and easy way to provide a safe crossing for pedestrians

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From: £263.20 ex. VAT
From: £239.51 ex. VAT ( £287.41 inc. VAT)
  • Reusable – keeps its shape when not in use
  • Rolls up for easy storage
  • Create a crossing area in next to no time

If your work premises has a car park and other areas with high levels of vehicular traffic, it's vital that safe crossings are provided for pedestrians so that accidents can be avoided. The simplest and most widely recognised way to designate a crossing area is by painting the traditional zebra crossing pattern on the ground. Doing this with a line painter, or even freehand, can be time-consuming and result in a messy and unprofessional result.

A stencil is an obvious way to paint crossing markers quickly and easily, with a uniformly sharp and neat appearance. Combine this stencil with a water-based traffic paint and you'll achieve top quality results with very little hassle.

The stencil rolls up for space-saving storage when not in use, ready to freshen up existing paint jobs or create new crossings. All you need to do to paint your crossing is unfold the stencil, place it on the ground and get painting. If it's windy or you need the crossing on uneven ground, you can secure it in place with masking tape while you work. When you're done, carefully lift the stencil and move on to your next job.

The stencil is reusable and, as long as you clean the dirt and excess paint from it between uses, will keep going for a long time, keeping its shape perfectly while stored away. It's available in 3 different sizes, from 300 x 800mm to 300 x 1000mm, so you can buy the perfect size for your needs, or keep different ones in stock so you have a range of options available.

We also supply a diagonal line stencil for designating areas to keep clear, which also comes in a selection of different sizes.

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