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Parking Control Stickers For Outdoor Use

An effective way to deter illegal and nuisance parking

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£36.00 ex. VAT
£32.76 ex. VAT ( £39.31 inc. VAT)

  • Choice of removable or permanent adhesive
  • Comes in a pack of 50
  • Range of messages to warn motorists

Illegal parkers cause all sorts of problems for businesses; people who are parked in the wrong places can mean blocked entrances and throughways, or a lack of spaces left for staff and visitors. You can protect yourself against repeat parking offenders by using this range of parking stickers – as often some people don’t even realise that they are parked in the wrong place, so a simple notification is all it takes to stop it happening again.

The vehicle stickers are available bearing a range of messages, from simple notifications of illegal parking, to more detailed messages about the consequences of repeated illegal parking. You can easily place the stickers onto the windows of vehicles, using either our temporary or permanent adhesive options. Once stuck onto the windscreen of the car, the stickers are difficult to remove, which often act as a further deterrent to wrongfully parked drivers.

The deterrent stickers are designed to be used in both indoor and outdoor parking locations, so are able to withstand many types of tough weather conditions. Even in instances of severe rain, wind or heat, the vinyl stickers will not come unstuck until someone makes the effort to remove them. Our stickers are also supplied in a handy pack of 50, ensuring that you are stocked up to deal with nuisance parkers as and when the need arises. You can also select a range of sizes, depending on how obvious you want your message to be to the driver – and our messages come in a range of colours to suit your individual preferences.

In addition to stickers, another way of deterring people from parking on your private premises is by erecting prohibition signage. These no parking signs are a firm favourite and display a clear message to drivers.

Parking labels are often an effective way to ensure that illegally parked motorists do not repeat offend. We stock a range of alternative no parking stickers, including these Please Do Not Park Here Labels, which clearly notify drivers of their wrongdoings.

Customer Reviews

86% of customers liked this product

7 months ago

Service: Please make the backing easy to remove. It’s impossible and therefore I wouldn’t buy them again as they actually cost almost £1 each after VAT is added.

Product: Expensive and backing doesn’t come off.

1 year ago

Service: From order to receipt - swift delivery

Product: From order to receipt - swift delivery

1 year ago

Service: Very fast and efficient service

Product: Good product, a bit pricey

2 years ago

Service: delivered on time at a reasonable price

Product: permanent sticker placed these on a windscreen just as owner was returning tried to unpeel but to no avail they stick extremely well!

3 years ago

Service: Excellent quick serviceOur response: Thank you for spending the time to fill this in, we really value all feedback


Product: All packaged well and in good condition

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