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Easy and accessible padlock stations

A straight-forward, versatile solution to workplace padlock storage


From: £24.99 ex. VAT ( £29.99 inc. VAT)

  • Brightly coloured, highly visible padlock storage
  • Identify at a glance whether all the padklocks are in place
  • Function clearly indicated

Padlocks have a number of different uses in the workplace, so it makes sense to ensure that your padlock storage is easily accessible and highly visible. This padlock store (also sometimes known as a padlock board, padlock station or padlock hook board) consists of a tough, durable backing which houses tough metal hooks on which to hand the padlocks. The hooks have a long, straight shaft before turning vertically through ninety degrees. This enables padlocks to be easily attached and removed, at the same time as providing secure storage so that the padlock won't be accidentally dislodged.

This padlock station has a vividly coloured back, ensuring it stands out and can be quickly and easily identified by workers as the place from which to obtain (and return) their padlocks. Fixings are not provided with this padlock board, but can be ordered as a separate item. We offer a number of different fixings that can be used to attach the padlock station to a number of different surfaces.

If you don't already have padlocks, our comprehensive selection may well include a suitable choice. From outdoor padlocks designed to withstand rain and snow, through to combination padlocks and more, we have different padlock options suitable for your padlock station.

Once displayed on the padlock organiser, the padlocks can be sorted by size, shape, use, or a number of other variables. If correctly sorted, it makes picking the correct one for the job in hand much easier. Many factories, offices and industrial complexes invest in several padlock boards and locate them at various points around the premises.

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