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Two Tier Order Picking Trolley

Robust and durable for everyday use in busy warehouses.


From: £337.00 ex. VAT ( £404.40 inc. VAT)
  • Sturdy two tier trolley with 250kg load capacity
  • Easy to clean for environments where hygiene standards are high
  • Swivel and fixed castors with stop brakes

Make order picking faster, safer and more convenient with an order picking trolley. The push handle of this order picking trolley cleverly integrates a top shelf which is ideal for keeping clipboards, order sheets or other paperwork to hand whilst moving around the warehouse. In order to provide great manoeuvrability and sturdiness, the trolley has two swivel castors and two fixed castors, and it also features stop brakes in order to prevent it rolling when not in use. This makes it much safer for the user to remove their hand to reach for items on warehouse shelves and stops the trolley from shifting around when heavier items are placed on it.

Order picking trolleys should be an essential part of a warehouse's operations due to their multiple benefits. They can allow pickers to gather up multiple items or even multiple orders at once, which can make the picking and packing process much quicker, particularly when used with plastic storage bins or similar containers for sorting inventories and orders. Trolleys also reduce the risk of pickers dropping items if attempting to carry multiple objects in their arms at one time. Plus, they make it easier for pickers to transport bulky or heavy items and thus reduce the risk of them straining their backs or sustaining any other injuries common with frequent lifting of heavy loads.

With an impressive 250kg load capacity and two tiers, this trolley is suitable for warehouses with small to medium sized items. If you're looking for trolley solutions for very large and heavy items, a platform truck may be a more suitable solution.

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