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Oil-filled radiator with three heat settings

Compact, safe and powerful heating for smaller rooms.

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From: £51.45 ex. VAT ( £61.74 inc. VAT)
  • Available with two different output ratings depending on your requirements
  • Adjustable thermostatic control lets you get the heating just right
  • Automatically cuts the power if it overheats or tips over

This compact, portable radiator is an excellent solution for several different heating problems. It can be used in temporary buildings on construction sites, where keeping staff warm is a challenge as it's not possible to permanently install heating. It's also a useful option for buildings that are only used part of the year, those that don't have heating but only need it for one or two months of the year, or places that are mostly unoccupied or disused, as the heat can be concentrated in one small area.

An oil-filled radiator is extremely energy-efficient when compared to a fan heater or other types of electric temperature control units. The oil inside heats up to the desired temperature and is able to retain warmth, so the power doesn't need to be constant, which can cut down your energy bills. The 2-kilowatt version of this heater is available with a 24-hour timer so the room will already be warm when you start work. If anyone else has access to the room, apply one of our 'do not unplug' labels to the socket to ensure it receives the power it needs to get going.

For safety, the heater has an emergency power cut-off that operates if it overheats or is tipped over. Oil-filled radiators are also inherently safer than some types of heating, as they're less likely to catch fire and the oil is safely encased inside the metal body. It has an integrated adjustable thermostat, so you can change the heat output to get the perfect warmth for the room it's situated in. The same rooms that get too cold during the winter often get uncomfortably hot in the summer, but a high-velocity pedestal fan helps you keep cool and comfortable.

This radiator has its own wheels, making it easy to move freely to wherever you need it. It also has a built-in carrying handle and cord storage, so it can be packed away neatly and tidily if it's not in use. Use it with a surge-protected extension lead for extra versatility.

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