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Informative, lively office safety essentials DVD

DVD highlighting office safety essentials for a safer workplace


From: £79.95 ex. VAT ( £95.94 inc. VAT)
  • Easily provide training and safety information
  • Provides clear, up to date information
  • Available with subtitles in a range of languages

Safety training is a legal requirement for businesses, and your staff should be kept well informed of the risks and procedures of the workplace, even after initial training. However, providing this training can be costly and time consuming, sometimes involving the temporary employment of external safety professionals and requiring more significant time out of office. Safetyshop's office safety essentials DVD provides your staff with the training they need, at a minimal cost to your business.

Providing clear and up to date information in an informed, accessible fashion, the DVD is available in subtitles for a range of languages, allowing you to tailor the viewing to the needs of your staff. Demonstrating common areas of risk and how to prevent accidents in the workplace, the item is essential training material for the workplace.

When used with our comprehensive selection of other health and safety information guides and display and presentation materials, this DVD provides your staff with the information that they require to work safely, with the additional peace of mind that comes with knowing that their employer is a conscientious one who puts their safety first.

Accidents in the workplace can make for serious set backs both to the individuals involved and your business: staff may be unable to work for considerable periods if they are injured, and this can damage both staff morale and the company itself. By providing them with the tools they need to work safely, and the knowledge of how to do so, you ensure that everyone involved is up to speed and compliant with the law.

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