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Non-Slip Office Foot Rest

Comfort and safety while working at a computer.


£97.95 ex. VAT ( £117.54 inc. VAT)
  • Extra large foot rest
  • Non-slip surface for added safety
  • Strong steel construction

Health and safety is of the utmost concern for those who spend a lot of time sat at a workstation. It's easy to slip into bad habits in terms of sitting position and posture, which can have a disastrous impact on the body. We often think about the comfort of our chairs, adjusting their position to keep us sitting in a good position for our back and shoulders, but the legs can be neglected.

A foot rest has been shown to help maintain the correct posture while using a computer. This helps to relieve and prevent back and neck problems by ensuring the spine is in the optimal alignment while working. Foot rests also ease leg problems which can be associated with sitting at a desk for long periods. Having a foot rest even increases movement of the feet, which helps to prevent circulation problems.

Used alongside a gel mouse support, a footrest forms part of a complete system to help office workers prevent injury and keep aches and pains at bay. The benefits of protecting the health of you and your employees largely speak for themselves, but they can also help keep productivity high by increasing comfort and alertness.

With its adjustable height and tilt angle, the individual using it has a high level of control over the foot rest. The ability to tailor the positioning of the foot rest to an individual's body and preferences make it highly effective at preventing problems and combating fatigue.

Don't underestimate the difference a foot rest can make in the office. Help and encouragement to sit in a better position means a reduced chance of injury, much greater comfort, and a more enjoyable working experience. As part of a complete ergonomic set-up, sitting will be more comfortable than ever before.

Additional Information

Colour(s) Grey/Black
Description Foot Rest
Material Steel
Packaging Qty. 1
Size (W x L) 320 x 455 mm
Supplied in Single

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