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There is widespread agreement among medical professionals that prolonged periods of sitting - often unavoidable for office workers - can be detrimental to health, causing a raft of minor but transiently debilitating back, neck and shoulder pains, repetitive strain injury (RSI), muscular and ligament strains and even compression of the spinal vertebrae.

While there is no current legislation obliging employers to comply with any specific seating standards, they are obliged under the management of health and safety at work regulations 1999 to assess and reduce workplace health risks. The health and safety (display screen equipment) regulations of 1992 provides relevant guidance on office furniture, including the need to provide adjustable chairs and desks. 

At Safetyshop, we go further; our office furniture offerings include workstation ergonomics, disability aids, stationery and outdoor benches. Let us take a closer look at what you can find in our office furniture category.

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office furniture

Office furniture refers to any item required to conduct office work comfortably and efficiently. This covers items needed for sitting, working on and storage, and consists of chairs, tables, desks, cupboards and shelving. 

Workers in the UK should be provided with an ergonomic workstation, including a chair with adjustable height and back rest to minimise the health risks outlined above.

We have got it covered at Safetyshop; our office chairs are but one of the types of office furniture we offer.

Office Equipment: Buying Guide 

If office furniture covers all items needed to conduct office work, then of course disability aids must be included. Our easy-to-set up Discreet Induction Loop allow staff with hearing impairments to listen to telephone conversations clearly and without the irritating background interference hearing aids produce when switched to the ‘T’ position.

If you are looking to provide disabled visitors and members of staff with a way to discretely call for assistance in your office, the Touch Glass Wireless Doorbell is the solution. Completely wireless, this doorbell operates through single and double glazing. For added safety and support for disabled visitors and staff in the toilets, we also supply easy-to-fix plastic-coated steel Grab Rails.

To improve the posture and blood circulation of seated office workers, we recommend our Soulmate Tilt Adjustable Footrest, which reduces fatigue by redistributing body weight to enhance positioning of the legs and spine.

Choose from no fewer than 12 office chairs in the office furniture and equipment sub-category. These range from comfortable, soft-furnished Stacking Chairs to the Ergonomic Office Saddle Seats that relieves pressure on spinal discs to our ultra-comfortable, ergonomically-designed Full Back Operator Chairs with T-Bar Arm Rests.

Our workstation ergonomics products are designed to maximise comfort in the workplace and reduce or even eliminate the kind of strain that can lead to aches, pains or RSI. Our Gel Supports take the strain out of using a computer mouse, while a Lumbar Support - developed with leading orthopaedic physicians - will fit virtually any seat and self-adjust to the user’s individual shape, relieving lower back pain. 

We also have stationery supplies and sturdily-designed outdoor benches in our office furniture category. 


Does Safetyshop provide extra-comfort executive chairs for especially-prolonged use?

Yes; our ergonomically-designed Leather Effect Executive Chair is stylish as well as being durable and deeply comfortable. It features gas-operated seat-height adjustments, heavy-duty padded arms and a fully-reclining back, and offers superb lumbar support.

Enhance you’re the productivity of your workforce by enhancing their comfort and health with our extensive range of office furniture.