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Numatic Light-Duty Floor Scrubbing Machine

Compact, easy-to-use floor cleaning machine that offers powerful performance


£599.00 ex. VAT ( £718.80 inc. VAT)

  • Powerful 400w motor
  • Height-adjustable handle
  • Compact size for easy handling and storage

Whether you want to tackle everyday dirt and grime in high-traffic areas, such as lobbies and corridors, or keep your entire premises clean and safe, this floor scrubbing and polishing machine offers unrivalled performance as well as easy handling and storage. Thanks to its powerful and robust brush and pad, it can tackle any indoor floor covering to leave floors looking clean and sparkling, adding a professional finish to any office, hospital, school, venue or other workplace.

The powerful machine, despite carrying a 200rpm brush speed powered by a 400w motor, weighs only 18kg, meaning that it can be transported and used with ease, even by a single operative. Its compact size together with its clever folding mechanism makes it easy to store when not in use so you don’t need to worry about clearing a room to keep it in and neither does it need to sit on display. These space-saving features make this small yet mighty machine a great option if you work in a small area and storage space is at a premium.

The durable machine is simple to operate with the two chunky operation levers located at the top of the height adjustable handle. Training needs are minimal so you don’t need to allocate time and money to readying people to use the machine or assign specific operatives to it.

The unit is supplied with a robust tank that effortlessly feeds washing solution to the machine’s brushes and pads, ensuring an even distribution of cleaning product and making full use of the machine’s 32m cleaning range.

Replacement solution tanks are also available should you wish to purchase one so that you can store and use a range of cleaning and polishing solutions with ease.

Additional Information

Brand Numatic
Description Floor Scrubbing Machine
Product Description Numatic Loline Floor Scrubbing Machine
Specifications / Characteristics Base deck, brush and pad width measure 330mm
Supplied in Single
Voltage 230 V
Weight 18 kg
Motor 400W
Power 230V AC 50Hz
Speed 200rpm
Weight 18 kg

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