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Unobtrusive "Now Wash Your Hands Please" hygiene sign

Easy-fix "Now Wash Your Hands Please" sign for bathrooms and kitchens.


£0.84 ex. VAT
£0.42 ex. VAT ( £0.50 inc. VAT)
  • Easy clean, self-adhesive vinyl, ideal for adhering to tiles
  • Blue ideogram conforms to international standards
  • Discrete reminder for both staff and public

Gentle reminders can make a huge impact. In a workplace, cleanliness is an important aspect as germs can be passed very easily and very quickly across the entire workforce, resulting in potentially devastating amounts of unnecessary downtime caused from something as simple as the common cold. While it would be staggeringly uncomfortable and sometimes rude to directly tell employees to ensure they wash their hands before leaving the facilities, the subtle reminder of a "Now Wash Your Hands Please" sign coveys that same message without any awkwardness. This easy to affix self-adhesive vinyl sign can be placed in every bathroom in the work environment at a tiny cost and helps to keep easily transmitted illnesses at bay.

In a commercial kitchen environment, this reminder is even more important as cooks and chefs must be careful to clean their hands between the handling of different foodstuffs and any cleaning products to avoid causing issue to their patrons.

Conforming to international standard ISO 7010, the pictogram shows water flowing from a tap onto outstretched hands and has the calm words "Now Wash Your Hands Please" in clean text at the bottom. The blue colour indicates the mandatory nature of the sign as outlined in the standard and is instantly recognisable by all, even those who do not speak English. Furthermore, the ideogram itself is designed to make as much sense and visual impact when reflected in a mirror as it would be when seen directly.

The self-adhesive vinyl is not only very easy to stick to a painted or tiled bathroom or kitchen surface, but also wipes clean, ensuring that the bright graphic is always visible. At 210mm x 148mm, this simple sign is both large enough to be noticed and yet retains a sense of unimposing subtlety.

The "Now Wash Your Hands Please" sign forms part of our range of specialist signage which includes other general information signs suitable for bathroom facilities in your workplace, all of which conform to the required standards.

Additional Information

Material Self Adhesive Vinyl - Indoor Use
Size 210 x 148 mm

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