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Eye-Catching Noise at Work Poster with Photographic Illustration

Keep staff informed about the dangers of excessively loud environments

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From: £10.50 ex. VAT ( £12.60 inc. VAT)

  • Available in your choice of three hard-wearing materials
  • Simple design with minimal text to make understanding easy
  • Bright colours and photographs included for extra visibility

In workplaces with loud machinery and other noisy equipment, staff are at risk of damage to their hearing, particularly if they spend long periods of time in areas with high noise levels. Because of the impact of this hazard, it should be at the centre of your health and safety concerns, and that means thorough training is essential.

To provide information to people initially, our noise awareness training DVD is a memorable way to help people understand the dangers and the procedures they should follow. Despite the impact of using an audio-visual medium for training, however, people don't always remember all the information they're given, so displaying this poster in a central location makes an effective reminder, and gives staff a place to check details and find advice.

The poster has an overview of all the important parts of noise awareness and is set out with minimal text and an easy to follow design. Its bright pink border attracts attention, and the photograph included with the text illustrates the points made on the poster, and helps people to understand. In addition to the graphics and text, the poster includes a space where you can write in contact details of a person with expertise in the area, so staff always know who to contact if they have any questions or need advice.

The information contained on the poster encourages staff to think about the dangers presented by noise, and what they should do to counteract its effects. This encourages them to play their part in health and safety, such as ensuring they always wear hearing protection in areas where they're at risk.

With three different materials on offer, you can choose the right kind of poster for your needs. They're all durable enough to stay in good condition long after the poster is first displayed, which helps you ensure the information is always available to those who need it. Using the poster with our hearing awareness station maximises its impact.

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