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Universal no smoking flammable storage area signs

Multi-message sign suitable for no smoking near flammable storage areas


From: £4.00 ex. VAT
From: £3.24 ex. VAT ( £3.89 inc. VAT)
  • Universal application, can be positioned anywhere
  • Complies with BS 5499 and ISO 7010 regulations
  • Easy fitting, no screws required

If you store flammable gases or chemicals in your workplace, you need to make employees and visitors aware of the dangers by displaying appropriate warning signs in the affected area. Flammable gases and chemicals can ignite easily, so storage areas need to be well ventilated and no smoking signs need to be displayed to allow staff to take necessary action.

Our universal no smoking, flammable storage area sign is designed to be displayed in such areas. These easy to use, versatile signs help your company comply with Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996.

These multi-message signs are available in four sizes and two orientations, from 100 x 250mm to 29 x 210mm, making it is easy to choose the perfect sign to display in your workplace. Each sign is made from durable plastic with universal application, so they can be fitted to any work surface using our self-adhesive tabs. No drilling is required.

These multi-message, no smoking flammable storage area signs are part of our hazard warning signs collection, which includes harmful chemicals, explosives and highly flammable gas warning signs. Such signs are mandatory in any area where dangerous elements or chemicals are stored. This includes remote areas outside of your main premises.

All of our hazard warning signs comply with BS 5499 and ISO 7010 regulations. This ensures that all hazard warning signs use the same pictograms, colours and dimensions across the United Kingdom and European Union, avoiding confusion for employees who visit multiple sites and for those who do not speak English as their first language.

This sign can be combined with our no naked light sign to create a compact multi-message sign which can easily be displayed in areas with limited space.

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