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Bold 'No Running' Signs

Sign prohibiting running in areas of risk


From: £4.00 ex. VAT
From: £3.24 ex. VAT ( £3.89 inc. VAT)

  • Meets Health & Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996
  • Helps promote safe behaviour in certain areas
  • Suitable for a variety of required locations

The Safety Signs and Signals, Health and Safety Regulations 1996 require all employers to restrict dangerous or hazardous behaviours by the careful placement of standard prohibition signs. This 'No Running' sign has been designed for display in areas that risk assessment has judged as being unsafe for anything other than careful movement. This could be in areas where floors are slippery, such as swimming pools, or where there is heavy machinery in operation, for example in forklift zones.

The 'No Running' poster is only one example of prohibition signs that might be used to promote safety and compliance with regulations. Our range of adhesive and rigid signs includes 'No Entry' signs for areas from which personnel are completely prohibited and 'Do Not Operate' signs where equipment is either unsafe or requires specific training.

This 'No-Running' sign is of portrait orientation and utilises bold white text on a contrasting red background in combination with the universal diagonal-crossed red circle over a symbol of a running man. This universal symbol enables employees or members of the public who might not have English as a first language to clearly interpret the message. The 'No Running' sign is also available in different configurations including a landscape orientation and even a double-sided 'No Running' sign for better visibility.

For ease of installation, our 'No Running' signs are available in a range of sizes and can be purchased to suit specific locations in either self-adhesive vinyl (recommended for indoor and outdoor use, of a high-gloss finish and great for curved surfaces), self-adhesive rigid plastic (recommended for indoor and outdoor use, of a satin finish and with permanent self-adhesive) or polypropylene rigid plastic format (extra tough for indoor and outdoor use, of a satin finish and with the option to drill screw holes exactly where you need them).

These 'No Running' signs are supplied as singles but should you require additional safety signs, warning signs or prohibition signs, we stock a range of multi-message signs which allow for multiple safety messages to be delivered where mounting space is restricted.

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