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Double-sided rigid plastic ‘no running’ corridor signs

Double sided ‘no running’ signs supplied in pre-drilled walled brackets


£35.75 ex. VAT
£28.96 ex. VAT ( £34.75 inc. VAT)
  • Fully compliant with 1996 Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations
  • Made from durable plastic to ensure resistance to wear-and-tear
  • Double-sided and supplied in projecting wall brackets for maximum visibility

There are many environments where running can be dangerous, ranging from busy workplaces to customer-focused stores. Simply put, moving too fast can be hazardous in any area where individuals might trip over or collide with one another. Unsurprisingly, many businesses and organisations choose to operate a ‘no running’ policy. If yours is one of them, you should take steps to ensure that employees and members of the public are aware that running is prohibited. Our double-sided rigid plastic ‘no running’ corridor signs are a great way to communicate your anti-running policy to everyone on your premises.

Our ‘no running’ signs are double sided, meaning that they can be seen clearly from almost any angle. Each one is supplied ready-mounted in a bracket that juts out from the wall to increase the sign’s prominence and simultaneously ensure that both sides are visible. They also utilise a red and black colour scheme against a white backdrop, which can be seen easily, even at a distance. In short, there’s no possibility of employees or members of the public overlooking these signs.

However, our rigid plastic ‘no running’ signs aren’t just super-visible; they’re also super-convenient. The brackets they are supplied in are pre-drilled, meaning that they can be fixed to any wall with ease. Like most of our double-sided corridor signs, they are also made from tough, durable plastic. Their brackets are made from equally resilient aluminium. As a result, you can rely on these signs to survive years of wear-and-tear. They’re very low-maintenance and you won’t have to worry about regularly replacing them.

They can be used with signs that warn of specific hazards so that viewers know why they should refrain from running. For example, you may like to pair them with our 'danger: slippery surface’ signs if the floor of your premises is smooth or slippery.

Additional Information

Size (H x W)
Application Area Indoor
Brand Seton®
Colour - Background Red
Colour - Text White
Features - Write On No
Finish Smooth Matte
Fixing Bolted
ISO 7010 No
Material 3mm Foamed Rigid Plastic / Aluminium T-Bar – Indoor & Outdoor Use
Material PVC
Orientation Landscape
Photoluminescence Non Photoluminescent
Shape Rectangle
Sign/Symbol Do not run
Sign Text/Symbol Symbol and Text
Sign Type Prohibition
Size (H x W) 100x250mm
Specifications / Characteristics Double-sided for better visibility
Supplied in Single
Text No running
Orientation Landscape

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