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High visibility no pacemaker sign

High quality and universal application no pacemaker sign.


From: £2.55 ex. VAT
From: £2.07 ex. VAT ( £2.48 inc. VAT)

  • Helps you remain in compliance with Health and Safety Regulations, which stipulate that signs must be displayed in certain high-risk areas which could cause damage to the health of persons with pacemakers fitted
  • These signs must adhere to the correct format, which includes a red circle surrounding a black pictogram, dissected by a red bar. The red elements cannot makeup more than 35% of the sign
  • Universal application - can be positioned as required in your premises

If your workplace uses high voltage equipment which contains strong magnetic fields, you need to make members of staff and visitors who may have a pacemaker fitted aware of the danger.

As a responsible employer, you shouldn’t take risks with other people's health. So you should carry out a health and safety risk assessment, to identify areas which could be hazardous to the health of people with pacemakers. You then need to ensure these areas are clearly marked with magnetic field or no pacemaker signs, warning affected people of the risks.

No pacemaker signs are important because you may not know which members of staff have pacemakers fitted, you also need to think about making workplace visitors and contractors aware of the risks associated with strong magnetic fields.

Our no pacemaker signs are perfect for reminding people that machinery which produces strong magnetic fields can pose a danger to their health. The universal design of our prohibition signs means they can easily be mounted in affected areas, helping prevent medical emergencies and even fatalities from occurring.

Our no pacemaker signs conform to British Standard, BS 5499 and form part of our prohibitions signs range, which includes, no smoking and no entry signs. So you can purchase your no pacemaker/strong magnetic field sign as part of a full package of prohibition signs to ensure your workplace remains in compliance with the Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996.

  • High visibility no pacemaker sign
  • High visibility no pacemaker sign
  • High visibility no pacemaker sign
  • High visibility no pacemaker sign
  • High visibility no pacemaker sign

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