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Glow-in-the-Dark Self-Adhesive Arrow Safety Tape

A versatile way to increase all aspects of safety in low light


£100.00 ex. VAT ( £120.00 inc. VAT)
  • Guide people along escape routes
  • Glows brightly in dark conditions
  • Quick, easy application

Low light conditions are dangerous for many reasons, particularly if people are trying to evacuate during an emergency. Fires can make sudden darkness more likely, either by causing the lights to fail or by obscuring them with smoke. Whatever the cause, low light can lead to people becoming disoriented and lost or having accidents because of unseen hazards. This tape can be used to make the process of navigation in the dark easier and safer.

The tape's photoluminescence has been tested and found at an exceptionally high standard, making it an excellent choice for safety. It can be used to guide people along escape routes, to mark out the outlines of doors, or to draw attention to hazards to prevent trips and bumps. It's versatile and easy to apply with its self-adhesive backing.

Use the tape to guide people to a fire exit with our projecting 3D glowing sign.

Additional Information

Brand Nite-Glo
Description Arrow Tape
Roll Size 40 mm x 10 m
Supplied in Single

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