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Reusable neoprene drain cover

Prevents the accidental leakage of hazardous chemicals into drains


£285.00 ex. VAT ( £342.00 inc. VAT)
  • Made from tough neoprene that provides a seal across drains in an emergency
  • In line with COSHH requirements regarding Established Emergency Procedures
  • Chemically inert matting that can cope with a wide range of hazardous substances

Any workplace where dangerous chemicals are handled needs to be prepared for an accidental spillage. If a leak occurs, it's important to isolate the contaminants as quickly as possible to prevent it causing further damage elsewhere. This strong neoprene mat is the perfect solution, as it can be instantly dropped over any exposed drains, preventing the spillage from entering the drainage system.

Companies can be fined significant amounts if it can be proven that toxic substances from their premises have been introduced into the sewage system, even accidentally. A robust drain cover provides a handy safety option to prevent this scenario occurring.

One of the major advantages of a drain cover made from neoprene is the range of substances which it will block without becoming corroded or compromised. This matting will cope with many chemicals, acids, alkalis, oil-based substances and more, providing an effective seal to keep the hazard contained.

Neoprene matting for covering drains is designed to be easily portable. Health and Safety experts recommend that it's located near areas of greatest risk, allowing the drain cover matting to be instantly deployed should an emergency situation develop.

Once the leak has been contained, the neoprene drain cover can be cleaned thoroughly and then used again, providing a cost-effective drain cover solution.

Drain covers are often part of a whole suite of measures available to contain spills. Frequently used alongside spill safety stations and spill trucks, these covers for drains play a key role in health and safety at work.

Additional Information

Size 920 x 920 mm
Supplied in Single

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