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Polyethylene foam modular column protector

Protect equipment and employees with innovative shock absorbing protectors.


£182.60 ex. VAT ( £219.12 inc. VAT)
  • Made from polyethylene foam that is high impact
  • Stackable to reach required height
  • Sold in pairs – one black and one yellow unit

Columns are a common feature in many busy workplace environments such as warehouses and industrial areas. They are certainly structurally important as they support roofs and walkways, but they can often pose a serious hazard to workers – especially when heavy, bulky vehicles are involved.

Therefore, it’s always a good idea to make columns that cannot be moved as safe and visible as possible. That’s why our modular column protectors are so innovative: they’ll allow you to keep your columns in place while significantly reducing the risk of serious accidents, protecting your equipment and employees.

Please note: in the unfortunate event that an accident does occur, it’s always a good idea to have one of our fully stocked British Standard Compliant first aid kits close to hand, which feature colour-coded contents and are available in small, medium and large sizes.

Made from polyethylene foam that is high impact, each modular column protector has superb shock absorption. Sold in pairs – one black and one yellow unit per pair – they are also highly visible, further reducing the likelihood of avoidable accidents occurring.

Each unit features a core that is adjustable, allowing it to fit three different sizes of pillar or column: 100 mm x 100 mm, 150 mm x 150 mm and 200 mm x 200 mm. They are also stackable, making them extremely easy to use on any height of column that needs to be protected. Installing these protectors and removing them couldn’t be easier as no tools are required, making them a valid temporary measure as well as a secure, permanent one.

For additional impact protection from the edges of machinery, racking and low ceilings, we recommend pairing your new column protectors with our polyurethane foam edge impact protectors which are made from UV-resistant, flexible and recyclable foam. Able to withstand temperatures as high as +90°C and as low as -40°C, they’re particularly well-suited for industrial workplace environments.

Additional Information

Supplied in Single
Size 200 (H) x 400mm (dia) each
Colour Black and Yellow

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