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Mobile trolley spill kits for medium-sized chemical, maintenance and oil spills

Compact, portable unit enables fast response to medium-sized spills


£458.00 ex. VAT ( £549.60 inc. VAT)
  • Compact, robust, wheeled trolley for dealing with medium spills
  • Includes internal shelves and compartments to organise contents
  • Large double doors for easy access to sorbents

This mobile trolley is a valuable emergency resource for businesses which frequently deal with potentially hazardous materials and are at risk of medium-sized spills. The robust, weather-resistant trolley provides excellent protection of sorbents stored inside to prevent them from being exposed to damage, dirt or moisture, and it's easy to manoeuvre even through narrow corridors and doorways in order that emergency spills can be reached and dealt with as quickly as possible.

Included with the trolley is a double-perforated sorbent roll, 3 socs of varying sizes, a pair of gloves, a pair of goggles and 2 disposable bags. A range of shelves and compartments conveniently organise the different items and ensure they're easy to access at all times. Also included are some brief instructions to help guide users through a safe and efficient cleanup of spills.

There are three different types of spill kits to choose from, each one with slightly different types of sorbents to ensure different materials are contained and disposed of safely. The first is oil-only, which is suitable for dealing with oil and petroleum-based liquids. The second is chemical, which is for dealing with harsher and potentially hazardous chemicals. The third type is maintenance, which is suitable for dealing with a combination of oil, chemical and water-based liquids. Please choose the type of spill kit based on the types of liquids you most frequently deal with on your premises.

The mobile trolley spill kit is best suited to organisations which risk medium-sized spills across a number of different areas around their premises and require a portable solution to deal with spills. Should you be dealing with hazardous chemicals at a larger scale, for example, if you regularly deal with 210-litre drums, the large drum spill kits are likely to be a safer solution.

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Product Description Mobile Trolley Spill Kit

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