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Mobile Folding Screens For Health Facilities

Provide instant privacy for patients in a range of health facilities

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From: £429.00 ex. VAT ( £514.80 inc. VAT)

  • White frame coated with epoxy and coming with multiple legs for superior support
  • Each screen contains four panels that can be easily wiped clean
  • Folds flat for storage, and simple to assemble

In busy communal healthcare facilities, such as hospitals, hospices and homes for the elderly, it is often necessary to give residents a certain degree of privacy during treatments, visits and when sleeping. There are various pieces of medical furniture that you can purchase to help make the lives of your patients and staff easier and dignified, and these medical screens are a perfect solution.

Each medical screen comes with four panels, which provide an adequate level of privacy in an instant. They are easy and quick to assemble – going from their folded position to their assembled position within a matter of a few seconds. For added convenience, the hospital screens come with a set of wheels between each screen, which make moving the apparatus in any direction an effortless task, and meaning that the screen can be flexibly wrapped around the desired area as required.

Cleanliness and hygiene in a medical environment is of the utmost importance, so all furniture and equipment must be easy for your staff to keep clean. These mobile folding screens have four wipe-clean panels that are simple to rid or dirt and germs with a simple disinfectant spray and a cloth or sponge.

The panels are also a substantial weight, so that they can withstand impact without falling over; not only does the white epoxy-coated frame contribute to the durability of the screens, but there are also multiple leg supports to ensure that the furniture stays upright. Storing the medical screens is also an easy task; simply wheel them into the folded position and position neatly to the side of the patient’s bed, or packed tidily away in a cupboard if needed. These medical screens are an ideal and cost-effective solution.

If you are in charge of health and safety at a medical facility, have a look at our first aid room area for a range of everyday essential supplies.

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