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Mighty Mat Anti Slip Catering Mat

The original and best Mighty Mat for ultimate non-slip safety.


£155.55 ex. VAT ( £186.66 inc. VAT)
  • High traction gritted top layer
  • Drainage slots prevent liquid from pooling on the surface
  • Tapered edges prevent trips on the mat's corners

Designed for use in high-traffic catering environments, the Mighty Mat has been carefully designed to minimise the risk of slips and trips in areas which are prone to becoming wet, greasy or oily. Just 6mm in thickness and with tapered edges, the mat provides improved grip on floors without becoming a trip hazard itself or inhibiting the easy movement of wheeled carts or equipment. It doesn't even require the use of anti-slip surfacing tape to keep it in place. The slim size also means that the mat can easily be rolled up for compact storage or for easy movement by a single person from one area to another.

The Mighty Mat is a brilliant non-slip flooring solution for kitchen or bar areas. It can be placed in front of a fryer or grill to prevent slipping in areas which are likely to become greasy and slippery, or beside sinks or ice machines where spilled water can make floors a safety hazard. It is also an incredibly popular solution for bar areas where spilled drinks are common and employees need to be able to move quickly and safely on potentially dangerous wet floors. Walk-in coolers and freezers can also benefit from the amazing non-slip properties of the Mighty Mat.

This versatile mat is made up of two important layers. On the bottom is a rubber, slip-resistant base which offers superior levels of grip even in incredibly damp or greasy environments. On the top is a thin yet effective grit layer which provides excellent traction for all types of shoe soles. The mat also has a series of drainage slots to allow spilled liquids to drain away and prevent the surface from becoming too wet. When it's time to clean up, the Mighty Mat is really easy to wipe clean and holds up to a wide range of cleaning products - just be sure to have a 'wet floor' sign to hand when cleaning slippery flooring areas.

Additional Information

Application For use in food and beverage preparation/service areas
Colour(s) Black
Size (W x L xT) 1 m x 1.5 m x 6.5 mm
Specifications / Characteristics Anti-bacterial
Supplied in Single

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