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Hygienic, High-performance Microfibre Doormat

An attractive and effective entrance mat option


From: £44.25 ex. VAT ( £53.10 inc. VAT)
  • Soft microfibre cleans well and dries quickly
  • Static charge attracts debris
  • Doesn't need to be treated with chemicals

Doormats serve an essential purpose in the workplace, limiting the amount of dirt and debris that gets trodden through the premises and helping to keep floors clean and hygienic. As there aren't that many options available and they're usually rather similar, the choice of doormats is not something that gets given a great deal of consideration, usually. A microfibre doormat, however, could really make a huge difference to the cleanliness of your workplace.

Microfibre has a number of useful properties that have seen it become widely used in various applications, particularly in tools for cleaning. Our microfibre cleaning cloths are a prime example of how this material can be used effectively for dealing with dirt and dust. However, it also makes an excellent choice of material for a doormat.

Its ability to dry quickly helps keep the doormat dry, even in wet weather when lots of dripping shoes will pass through. The ultra-fine fibres of the material help to clean footwear deeply and, as friction creates a static charge, it attracts dust and other debris so that more is removed and trapped. The filament structure provides a high level of dirt retention and also increases the rate of water absorption. What's more, microfibre doormats are an environmentally friendly solution, as they don't need to be chemically-treated or washed with detergents to maintain their effectiveness.

On top of all the practical benefits, our microfibre doormat has a smart, stylish appearance that is long-lasting and won't begin to lint like some other materials do. It improves the overall appearance of building entrances, which helps create a great first impression.

If you're looking for matting to withstand heavy use in high-traffic areas, take a look at our heavy duty matting, which is able to stand up to extreme and frequent use.

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