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Poron XRD® Metatarsal Safety Boots

Tough and durable safety work boots with added metatarsal protection.


From: £39.90 ex. VAT ( £47.88 inc. VAT)
  • Light and breathable Poron XRD® material cleverly forms a stiffened, protective shell upon impact
  • 200 joule rated steel toe cap can withstand huge pressures, providing essential protection to the toes and forefoot
  • Features a uniquely designed, internal metatarsal protection structure that supports the foot while maintaining flexibility

The feet are essential for the livelihood of most people on the planet. Without the proper use of them, simple tasks would become an absolute nightmare. As tough as they are, feet are extremely vulnerable to accidents and injuries, which can arise from the most unlikely of situations. The intricate structures of the foot can also take a long time to recover from trauma.

Every accredited site now requires the use of safety footwear, and even if it is not a stated requirement, it is wise to protect your feet when undertaking any manual task, be it bricklaying, simple DIY, or even less obvious examples, such as care work.

These safety boots possess just about every quality you could need in workplace footwear. Aside from looking the part, these boots are built from an advanced Poron XRD® material, which is engineered to rapidly stiffen upon impact, creating a protective shell around the immediate area.

This waterproof and highly breathable Poron XRD® shell protects right up to the ankle, while at the front of the boot, the 200 joule toe cap can withstand impacts that would otherwise cause permanent damage to the foot. The internal metatarsal protection secures the mid-foot area while allowing flexibility and comfort.

Five fixed, sturdy D-rings secure the boot for a snug but comfortable fit, with two sets of hooks higher up for easy tying.

Once you've got your feet wrapped up, don't forget your head. The JSP® Invincible Mark VII hard hat is perfect for the job.

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