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Robust ryton rotary pump

A hardwearing rotary action ryton pump with high capacity.


£242.00 ex. VAT ( £290.40 inc. VAT)
  • Manufactured from stainless steel and ryton
  • Pumps 100 litres per minute
  • Provided with 2" (50mm) BSP barrel adaptor and 42" (1065mm) riser tube, fitting 36" (914mm) tanks and deep drums

If you work in a warehouse or an industrial location, this pump will make your daily tasks much quicker and will be invaluable within your working environment. This rotary action ryton pump is combined with stainless steel and sturdy ryton, creating a durable and efficient device that makes it perfect to use with any type of chemical or solvent.

When working with harmful substances or liquids, training in COSHH Control will be necessary to abide by health and safety regulations and most importantly, to protect staff wellbeing.

The pump contains a 1" (25mm) exit tube, 49.3" (1250mm) delivery tube, and 80 mesh strainer at the inlet. It is also provided with a 2" (50mm) BSP barrel adapter and a 42" (1065mm) rise tube, which will fit firmly onto tanks and deep drums that are 36" (914mm), to help avoid overflows and fume leakages.

It can pump out 100 litres of liquid per minute, creating a quick and effective procedure. If you are concerned about floor spillages and want to store tanks and drums safely while draining, have a look at the spill pallets we have available.

Additional Information

Description Metal Ryton Rotary Pump
Material Ryton & Stainless Steel
Specifications / Characteristics 2" (50mm) BSP Barrel Adaptor
1" (25mm) outlet tube
1250mm delivery hose
80 mesh strainer at inlet
42" (1065mm) riser for 36" (914mm) deep drums
Supplied in Single
Weight 4.4 kg

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