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Powder-Coated Steel Waste Bin with Integrated Sack Holder

A stylish, practical and vandal-resistant outdoor waste solution


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  • Polyester powder coating adds resistance to weather
  • Internal sackholder makes the bin easy to change and keep clean
  • Durable welded steel helps prevent vandalism

Waste can quickly become a problem without a designated place for people to dispose of it, and this is a particular concern in outdoor areas where you want to maintain a clean, smart image. This outdoor waste bin combines a stylish design with a host of practical benefits to give you a great all-around solution to littering.

The bin's attractive appearance makes it a great choice for parks, playgrounds and other outdoor areas where other bins would spoil the look of the environment. If you're considering the bin for use in a park, don't forget to also supply a dog waste bin to encourage people to clean up after their pets, as this is a large problem in many places.

Constructed from highly durable steel, the bin's tough build makes it hard-wearing and resistant to vandalism attempts, so it can be safely installed outside with a minimal risk of deliberate damage. It's coated with polyester powder, which makes it highly resistant to the effects of weathering, and keeps it looking smart and clean for longer. Displaying a 'Please use the bins provided' sign nearby encourages staff and members of the public to take responsibility for their litter and keep the area tidy.

The bin has a built-in internal sack holder, which makes it easy to remove and replace bags when they're full, and keeps them firmly held in place until then. It can be fixed to the ground at three points, which provides extra stability and another measure of protection against vandalism and theft. This bin has a capacity of up to 60 litres, so it won't fill up quickly and start overflowing and requires fewer checks than a smaller bin.

Our complete litter picker kit includes a picker, gloves, sacks and high-visibility waistcoat, helping you keep safe while emptying bins and tidying dropped litter in your outdoor areas.

Additional Information

Size (H x Dia.)
Capacity 60 Litre
Capacity 60 Litre
Finish Polyester powder-coating
Fixing Fixings required if using 3 points to hold onto ground
Material Steel
Product Description Metal Park Bin
Specifications / Characteristics Internal sack holder frame
Weather & vandal-resistant design
Supplied in Single
Volume 60 L

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