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Medium Duty Salt Spreader For De-Icing Roads and Pavements

Easy distribution of salt to ensure safety on your roads and pavements


£150.00 ex. VAT ( £180.00 inc. VAT)
  • Three hole drop shut-off system, which enables varied speeds of the spreader’s output; each hole is responsible for a third of the 180° fan
  • Spreads between eight to 12 squared feet of an area, on average
  • Pneumatic tyres with 22mm diameter, with steel T bar handle

Cold weather causes all sorts of dangers to drivers and pedestrians – particularly when people are unprepared for the conditions that come as a result. Icy and snowy roads can completely immobilise people if left untreated, as many surfaces can become too perilous. Our salt spreaders help to minimise the disruption caused by winter weather and help people to safely continue using roads and pavements.

The hopper comes with an 18 kilogram capacity, meaning it can hold enough salt to cover between eight to twelve square feet, depending on the amount of salt being used and the speed at which it is being distributed. The system comes with a three hole drop shut-off system, which allows the user to vary the speed and output of the spreader; each hole is responsible for a third of the output of the 180 degree fan.

This sturdy salt spreader is a durable solution to melting ice; it comes with 22mm diameter pneumatic tyres, which enable it to move easily through snow and grip sufficiently onto icy surfaces. For added support, there is also a steel T bar handle, which provides the user with added stability when pushing through perilous conditions.

Our spreaders can be used along with a range of salt types. A common and effective choice is our white de-icing salt, which is of the highest purity to ensure effective and quick breakdown of snow and ice.

See our full range of snow ploughs and salt spreaders to find the solution that suits your site.

Additional Information

Tyre Diameter
Application De-icing salt<br>Ice melts<br>Fertilisers & seeds
Capacity 18 kg
Colour(s) Black/Blue
Description Winter Xtreme Spreader
Material Polyethylene hopper
Packaging Qty. 1
Product Description Medium Duty Salt Spreader
Specifications / Characteristics Durable, easy to use
3 metre spread width
3 hole drop shut off system
Supplied in Single unit
Volume 18 L

  • Medium Duty Salt Spreader For De-Icing Roads and Pavements
  • Medium Duty Salt Spreader For De-Icing Roads and Pavements
  • Medium Duty Salt Spreader For De-Icing Roads and Pavements
  • Medium Duty Salt Spreader For De-Icing Roads and Pavements

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