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Hygienic Adjustable Medical Chairs

Durable chairs designed for comfortable and hygienic medical use.

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From: £150.00 ex. VAT ( £180.00 inc. VAT)
  • Rounded corners for easy and thorough cleaning
  • Highly durable and suitable for a maximum weight of 130kg
  • Antibacterial vinyl reduces the spread of potentially harmful conditions

All aspects of these medical chairs have been designed with patient and employee health and safety in mind, from the antibacterial vinyl cover to prevent the spread of MRSA, to the gas-assisted height adjustment to improve user comfort. This chair is incredibly easy to wipe clean thanks to it's vinyl upholstery and convenient rounded corners, making it a brilliant choice for busy first aid rooms or doctor's offices. It is also designed to provide high levels of comfort, which is evident by the inclusion a foot ring which provides ergonomic leg support.

These medical chairs are available in a range of colours and either with or without arms. Those without are ideal for environments in which users are regularly moving in and out of the chair, whilst the chairs with arms are best suited for use at desks where users will spend long periods of time using a PC and require arm support to minimise the risk of muscular aches. Since the chairs all have five-castor bases, they are incredibly stable for users who regularly reach for items from storage trolleys, or other places within their work space, or those who tend to move quickly between different workstations within one area.

Designed for longevity, these medical chairs are built to last and are incredibly durable. They can support weight up to 130kg and feel very stable and secure. The flame-retardant upholstery is safe, hygienic and comfortable, and each chair comes with a 2 year guarantee, which is testament to their high quality and durability.

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