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Non-Marking Masking Tape

Convenient, multipurpose and easy to remove - leaves no sticky residue.

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From: £6.99 ex. VAT ( £8.39 inc. VAT)
  • An office essential, also useful when decorating
  • Suitable for use by car sprayers
  • Supplied in packs of 6 and available in 2 sizes

Masking tape often proves invaluable in a wide variety of situations and scenarios. That’s why our masking tape is perfect for office workers, decorators and even car sprayers!

Unlike other types of tape, scissors aren’t necessary. Masking tape is easy to use because it’s as simple as tearing off a piece to the length you need, when you need it.

Packing departments and busy offices often use masking tape because it’s quick, convenient and won’t damage whatever it’s being stuck to.

The pressure-sensitive adhesive (similar to that used on a post-it note) ensures any masking tape applied will stay in place, but can easily be removed without leaving a sticky residue or causing any lasting damage.

Masking tape is also highly convenient because it can be written or drawn on. For example, when decorating, masking tape is perfect to ‘mask off’ areas that you don’t want to get paint on such as just above a skirting board. Using a pencil, it’s easy to add a note to remind yourself what colour paint you’ve used or what coat you’re currently on. You may also find our durable industrial floor paint and ROCOL EASYLINE® line marking paints make it easy to keep your premises looking perfect.

Our masking tape is also suitable for use by car sprayers. Similar to decorating at home, masking off car body panels couldn’t be easier and you can rest assured that removing the tape won’t remove your hard work or expensive paint along with it.

Our masking tape is supplied in packs of 6 and is available in 2 sizes (25mm x 50m and 50mm x 50m).

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