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Educational DVD on manual handling essentials

DVD covering basic lift planning and techniques, accessible and informative


From: £79.95 ex. VAT ( £95.94 inc. VAT)
  • Vital manual handling and lifting information in an accessible, DVD format
  • Contains up-to-date information intended to show how effective lift planning and appropriate techniques reduce the risk of injuries
  • Suitable for any environment where manual lifting is one of the tasks undertaken

Maintaining appropriate back health is vital in the workplace. Even one careless or inappropriately planned lift can potentially result in a serious injury that can cause a lifetime of misery. This helpful DVD is one of a range of health and safety measures available to help increase awareness among employees regarding the correct approach to lifting, as well as suitable techniques for a range of different situations.

Appropriate for use with new employees, as well as a useful reminder for experienced staff to reinforce the right way of doing things, this manual handling DVD ensures workers have the knowledge they need to work safely and in line with current guidance. Viewing this DVD on lifting and shifting by hand not only enables workers to do their jobs with less risk, it also helps to satisfy the legal obligations which employers have to make sure that their employees have the right skills and knowledge to do their job safely.

The back safety DVD is designed to be easily understood by employees from a variety of different backgrounds. This teaching aid for safe lifting can be ordered with multi-lingual subtitles, making it ideal to satisfy the training needs of a diverse workforce. When combined with topics such as fire safety, written material and posters, this safety DVD can form part of a comprehensive programme of relevant, helpful health and safety guidance. Like many of the other DVDs in our stock, Manual Handling Essentials is suitable for a wide range of working environments.

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