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Tie-On Manilla Tags

Handy tie-on manilla tags, ideal for a variety of uses.


From: £202.00 ex. VAT ( £242.40 inc. VAT)
  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Wide range of uses
  • Easy to label

Available in a wide range of sizes and great for a wide variety of applications, these competitively priced manilla tags are an essential piece of store cupboard stationery for any business or office.

With sizes ranging from the small 70 X 35mm tags up to 160 X 80mm, you are guaranteed to find a label to suit any purpose. These swing tags are easy to write on and can be attached to sets of keys or even used as refuse bag ties.

They are also convenient for use as address and logistics tags, and can be used to label goods received and issued, as well as serving as electrical repair tags or inspection and machinery service tags.

Because they are also available in a range of colours, manilla tags from the Safetyshop can be a handy way of colour-coding particular items or goods within your business, helping you arrange things in a logical way which suits you and your working arrangements. From labelling pallets and storage boxes to sets of keys and pieces of machinery, manilla tags can be used to serve a wide variety of functions.

Safetyshop stock an extensive range of inventory labels and tags, including a very handy set of custom manilla tags, to give you even greater control over colour coding and labelling in your workplace.

Keeping things in order and ensuring important items are correctly labelled is made easier with the use of manilla tags, helping you keep track of goods and machinery and making your workplace a more efficient, more logical and better managed place to be in.

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